Tuesday, 4 April 2017

It's A Fact

So whilst I am planning my next post for you guys I wanted to just take a break & tell you a bit more about me! You read the shit that I write...(Well I hope that you do!) so I thought I would tell you 13 facts about me so you can get to know me a wee bit better. Let's do this-

1. I am a natural Fraise blonde...African sunset...ok ginger, hence the name of my Instagram account. I don't hate my hair but I just LOVE the vibrant red & I had to go back to it.

2. I have had 2 operations for ovarian cysts & endometriosis. Both were laparoscopy surgeries, which were non invasive, I was in & out within the day.

3. It took me nearly 4 years to fall pregnant with Seb, I thought it would never happen for us so he literally is my little miracle & I am thankful everyday- even if he is being a little shit bag.

"I am proud of my stretch marks, they remind me of how lucky I am & that my body is capable of amazing things, that I never thought possible."

4. I have my nipple pierced. A midlife crisis perhaps? Does that count if you're 29? I went on my own & said to the guy, yes GUY- "OK how does this work? Do I just get my boobs out?" He replied, "Well I only need to see one of them but whatever makes you comfortable." So I only got the one out and it fucking hurt, I wouldn't do it again, although I love it.

5. I work in a hotel but I would love to blog & take photographs full time. Not sure I'm quite at that stage yet (or if I'm good enough) so maybe, hopefully one day.

6. I am literally the most impatient person in the world, if there was an award for it I'd be wearing the crown right now! If it's not done yesterday then it's just not soon enough!

7. I am the sort of person that if you fuck with me I will give you that shit right back, you may not know it at the time, but rest assured I will & I will win. Same goes for people I love, you hurt them? Shits going to go down.

8. Horror is my absolute favourite genre. I don't really do chick flicks or romance, I would much rather see someone getting possessed the shit out of than watch a love story unfold. I'm not completely heartless- The Notebook? Great film!

9. I love cleaning, even my toilet, you know when it's all shiny and bubbly. Bleach is my best friend. If bleach doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough. The cleaning aisle is my favourite aisle to go down when I do the food shop. I just like to look at all the lovely things & take it all in.

10. I was diagnosed with anxiety & mild depression last year which was a bit of a shock, I never saw myself as that person & I still don't- not many people know this about me & might be quite surprised at this. Mental health is such a taboo subject & it shouldn't be. I am no different to you & don't need to be treated differently because of it, I think that's always the fear that people will treat you like glass & tip toe around you or not say certain things when it's really unnecessary, I'm still the same person just hit a wee bump & I'm working through it.

11. I HATE my nose- it is bloody massive, My side profile is a joke, I am forever grateful that Seb has got Jay's nose. It's the cutest little button....Bastard.

12. I can be quite blunt (I get that from my dad) but that's just my sense of humour & personality, I never mean to offend but I often open my massive mouth before thinking & sometimes I should. My mum often says to me "You should show your softer side." I roll my eyes every time but I guess it's true!

13. I am absolutely terrified of spiders, like I think it's an actual phobia. I just think that they are totally unnecessary. What do they do apart from make me shit myself, I have fears they will eat my face in the night.

So there you have it, 13 may be a strange number to finish on but I thought "why the hell not".
Anything else you want to know? ASK! I would love to hear from you. I am a pretty laid back person & it takes a lot to offend me (You've seen the swearing right?) So hit me up.

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