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It Only Takes A Minute Girl

For those of you that follow me on Instagram you will know that I did a "One Minute Makeup" video. (if only it was that to quick to apply your face in the morning, am I right?!)

As I had quite a few people messaging me, asking about what products I use etc I thought I would do a quick post for you guys & talk you through it.

All the items in this post are drugstore apart from The Naked 2 eye shadow palette, The Naked Skin concealer, both by Urban Decay & Benefit "Eye Bright" pencil- all fabulous!
I have used both cheap & high end. I believe that some expensive products are shit & some cheap are great but also vice versa sometimes the cheap stuff is just that- cheap.
I have tried & tested so much makeup in my time & whilst for example my all time favourite foundation will always be Estee Lauder- Double Wear. It currently sits at £31.00. Whilst being on maternity leave, then only working part-time and having bugger all money I have discovered much cheaper options which are pretty good dupes.

I don't claim to be an expert by any means but I have been using makeup since what feels like the dawn of time so I reckon I know a bit about this shit.

So firstly you're going to need to have a good skincare routine in place to prep your face before make up. first & foremost this is so important, if you've got no idea about skincare or aren't really that fussed then check out my "In My Skin" post, all about my daily skincare routine & why it's so important.

B A S E |

It's all about that base 'bout that base- see what I did there? Primer is what I'm talking about I have a few but the one I use everyday without fail is this one by "Make Up Revolution" It's a clear almost mattified gel consistency (if there is such a thing) & when you put it onto your face it's like touching velvet, it smooths the skin & helps make up last all day. Just fabulous & costing only £5 you can find it HERE - Plus Superdrug currently have 3 for 2 on so really it's the perfect time to treat yourself! (I'm such a bad influence)

F O U N D A T I O N |

When I go to buy a foundation I have two basic personal rules-
1.  Must Be Full Coverage - I like a full coverage, the natural look is all well & good but it just ain't for me.
2. Must Be Long Wearing - Is it going to stay on my face all day or is it going to slide off before I even leave the house.

For me, I do prefer a matte finish & you often find that matte foundations will last longer on slightly oily/combination skin. A dewy finish is better for people with a dry skin.

As I mentioned earlier Double Wear is my absolute fave but not always affordable so let me introduce you to my favourite dupe "Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation". Now I have never worn this foundation for 25 hours (not sure who would) however I can confirm that it has lasted me over 12 hours with no problems, I sometimes get the occasional bit of transfer off my chin but that happens even with Double Wear. The price of this foundation is a mere £7.99 (hardly going to break the bank) it gives a great coverage, I would say as a general rule it's a medium, yet build-able coverage & it truly is long lasting- Winner. You can find it HERE

To apply I use the "Real Techniques" stippling brush which is just FABULOUS for blending & that, you can find HERE along with all the other brushes in the range. Once I have applied my foundation I will take my beauty blender (also by Real Techniques) & I will dab my face & blend in for that "airbrushed finish".

C O N C E A L E R |

I have two concealers that I change between. I do use the more expensive "Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer" which I love, but it comes with that higher end price tag of £19 which you can find HERE OR I use the much more purse friendly "LA Girl Pro HD Concealer" which I tend to get on EBay for around £3 & you can find a selection of options HERE 
I can honestly say hands down this is my favourite concealer of all time & they do a massive range of colours for all skin tones, which is awesome for people like me who are so pale they are practically see through! 
To blend my concealer I will use my trusty beauty blender by "Real Techniques" found HERE for £5.99

After this I will brush on my powder as I like to set my whole face otherwise I am a shiny mess! I use Rimmels "Clear Complexion" Transparent powder which you can source HERE & I apply it with a big "Real Techniques" powder brush which is £10.99 & you can get it HERE

C O N T O U R | B L U S H | H I G H L I G H T |

Now I'm not going to lie- I am not a contouring expert but I still like to contour my cheeks & forehead. I use the "Rimmel Sculpting Palette By Kate Moss" it comes in two different colour options & I use the lighter of the two "Coral Glow".
It's a 3 combo palette which contains 1 Blush, 1 Highlight & 1 Contour shade. I must say that I love this palette. The highlight is a pretty gold/cream colour & has a great pigment, then the blush is a really pretty pink, again with high pigment so you don't need to use much! The contour shade is subtle enough for my fair skin which is great as I don't want to look too dark or obvious. 

If, like me you're a bit unsure of contouring the palette has a little description & instructions on the bottom on how to use & apply which is deffo handy! You can find it HERE plus it only costs £6.99, so considering what the palette includes that's a bargain price!

To apply I use the "Real Techniques Sculpting Brush" under my cheekbones to create that sharp, defined line- find it HERE 
Then for my forehead (& blending my cheeks) I use the "Real Techniques Contour Brush" however this came as part of a set. I have been having a good look around but can only find the set of brushes which is HERE they don't seem to sell it on it's own, however you don't have to get this one there are plenty of others out there to choose from!

Now I am Highlighter obsessed & own a fair few, but still don't think I have enough so when I go shopping & I see one that I haven't seen before or that has just come out I tend to make a cheeky purchase... I'm a sucker for shiny things! Can't help it.
So I had seen this L'Oreal highlighter before & I couldn't resist any longer, I am so glad I went ahead with this unnecessary purchase because I just fell in love the first time I used it! It comes in a small compact with a separate compartment underneath containing a brush & mirror, I'm not too keen on the brush as the bristles are quite hard, but of course you don't have to use this.

It contains 3 colours 1. Blue 2. Pink 3. White- all very pale, all very gorgeous I have noticed that on the website HERE it claims to be a collection of 4 colours... It's not. I just went upstairs, checked it out, had a good old look...definitely 3 so I have no idea what they're going on about!

I like to brush this on my cheekbones, centre of my nose & cupids bow. I also take it under my eyes as it really brightens them up- Mama's, you feel me?

E Y E S | B R O W S |

So brows, I hate my eyebrows as they are fairly non existent. I did that awesome thing called over plucking when I was younger & apart from doing shots of Baileys until I was sick it's the dumbest thing I've ever done. 
I use the "Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette" in "Soft Brown". I have tried many different eyebrow products but this is by far the best. It's a powder. (Which isn't everyone's first choice) The palette contains 1. Highlight 2. Wax 3. Brow Powder. I only use the powder, I don't feel the need for the other two as I use alternative products. This has lasted me FOREVER I've hardly made a dent in it either which makes it great value for money! find it HERE for only £6.99

I brush through my brows to tidy them up then use an angled brush to apply, finishing off with Rimmels "Brow This Way" clear brow gel to set them in place it costs £4.49 HERE The one I use contains Argan oil apparently so is a little more expensive than the one without which costs £3.99 HERE I didn't even realise, I thought they'd just changed the packaging...Dumbass

Onto eyeliner which is just my fave, I love liquid eyeliner & have worn it for forever & a day. I feel a bit like It's my trademark which I know sounds weird but you will NEVER see me without it.
I used to use the "Collection" liquid liner which did me well for years, (plus it's only £2,99- bargain!) but then I decided to branch out a bit & try something a bit different.

I now use "L'Oreal Black Lacquer, By Superliner" it's waterproof & doesn't budge ALL DAY. I found with the "Collection" one it came off around my tear duct & it really bugged me so that's why I decided to change. The applicator is soft, flexible & so easy to use! It's deffo my holy grail eyeliner!

I will then use the "Naked 2 Palette" by Urban Decay to line under my eyes. I prefer to use an eye shadow to do this as I feel you get a softer finish and it's so easy to blend out if you want to. I find kohl pencils can be far too smudgy & harsh.

The two main colours I use to line are "Busted" & "Snakebite" - Busted is a dark smokey Grey colour & Snakebite is a dark brown. I use the brush that comes with the palette & use the thinner ended side to apply.

Mascara is one of those things that I know which one I love & then a new one comes out so I buy it, only to be severely disappointed every time- I really don't know why I do it. They just promise such great things which I just want to believe can be true & they never are, so I recently purchased L'Oreals "False Lash Fibre" Mascara. It's got two ends, one normal mascara & the other contains lengthening fibres. It promises a false lash effect & I promise if I ever meet the person who claims this I will shove that mascara so far up their arse they won't ever make false claims again... Seriously though.

It's alright but I wouldn't buy it again, plus the fibres tend to drop onto your face which is always a good look, either that or when you're applying it you get about ten of them in your actual eye.. if you're still interested after my awesome sales pitch then you can find it HERE & it will set you back £10.99. (Don't do it) Instead you need to buy "Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious"  It's freaking awesome, Massive volume & length NO CLUMPS & it's £7.99! I don't know why I ever changed..I'm ashamed of myself. (I re-purchased it today)

Finally with eyes I use Benefits "Eye Bright" on my waterline It's a soft pink coloured pencil & it makes your eyes appear wider & more awake, it's really awesome!
As it's Benefit it does cost a little more £17 on their website to be exact which you can see HERE 
However I usually trawl Ebay for it & have got it for as little as £6 before.

L I P S |

When it comes to lipstick I am a nude girl through & through. I have about 20 nude lipsticks which I swear are all different. 

This is just a small selection of the lipsticks I own & the one I used in the video was the one on the left which is "Makeup Revolution" in the colour "Chauffeur". It will set you back £3- BARGE! Get it HERE

Then the final thing that I will usually do is put a bit more highlighter on because, I'm not being funny, you just can't have enough highlighter & then you're done!

Lastly I will say that I think a good brush is really important, I have used cheap ass brushes & they are crap. The only cheap brush I use is my angled brow brush but for foundation etc you need to invest.

I really hope you have enjoyed this post & it's given you some good tips. I have a few exciting things lined up for the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Any questions? Give me a shout!

As always, lots of love,

↠ Gem 



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