Monday, 10 April 2017

The Native State

A long time ago I bought a print with the famous quote "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner". I stumbled across it as I was trawling the internet looking for lovely things to decorate Seb's room with.

Little did I know that there was a small business behind it, who I had no idea about. I had posted a picture on my Instagram featuring the print & The Native State popped up asking if they could re-post, to which of course I agreed. I headed over to take a look at their website & loved it all. Months later I saw that they were advertising for a brand rep so I thought to myself "Why not, let's just go for it" & to my surprise they chose me!

    "Baby In The Corner" print available - HERE 

After thinking about how I had no idea who this business was as I had found her print on a completely unrelated website. It made me realise that we buy things but don't always know the story behind them, the business that took the time to design & create the beautiful print or piece of furniture etc that we display proudly in our home. They are often mamas just trying to provide for their family whilst also trying to able to spend as much time with them as possible & I think that is bloody admirable. So I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know the face behind one of these small businesses.

Plus- I am absolutely loving being their brand rep & I don't want it to come to an end so as a wee thank you for choosing me, sending me gorgeous stuff & just generally being awesome I wanted to do a little feature on the blog.

I contacted the gorgeous Frankie, with a few questions so that we can get a better idea of who she is & what she's about so without further ado let me introduce you to- The Native State.

 Who is The Native State? 
Me - Frankie with the husband as coffee maker/consultant/therapist, daughter as the entertainment and our dog Shabba as security.

    "But First Coffee" Print available - HERE

 When and why did you start The Native State?
I started The Native State in the summer of 2012, initially as a hobby and a way to channel my creative side, while I worked a 9-5 admin job.  Two years later I went part-time at the admin job to concentrate more on The Native State and this year I’m taking the plunge and going full-time TNS!

    "Do More Of What Makes You Happy" -  available HERE  & "Pass The Prosecco" - HERE

 How do you come up with your products & prints? e.g What inspires you?
I am inspired by adventure, love, positive vibes and most recently my daughter who was born in April 2016. While working out the trials and tribulations of parenthood and in between naps and feeds, I launched my first collection of nursery prints to a wonderful response.  
    "Dream Big" print available - HERE

    "We Are The Brave" print available - HERE

    "I'll Grab My Cape" print available - HERE

 What is your favourite print from the range and why?
I'm really proud of The Native State manifesto - 'We are the drifters and dancers, sun worshippers and risk takers. The dreamers, the lovers, believers and change makers.'.  I wrote it back in 2012 and it represents me and the business perfectly. It seems to have connected with people all around the world and was even tweeted by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. Crazy!

    "We Are The Drifters" AKA "The Native State manifesto" print available - HERE

 What would be your drink of choice?
A glass of prosecco just seems to make the world that bit shinier!

 What is your favourite film of all time?
I don't know if I have a favourite but movies I could watch over and over again include Good Will Hunting, Dirty Dancing (of course), Labyrinth and The Warriors. 

 What does the average day at Native State HQ involve?
My commute involves walking to my studio at the bottom of the garden so traffic is usually on the light side. During nap times you'll find me designing at my desk or on the post office run. Being self-employed can be hard and frustrating at times but I am forever grateful that I can spend as much time as I can with my daughter.

    "Monstera" Notepad available - HERE 

    "Get Shit Done" print available - HERE

 How did you come up with your business motto?
I guess 'Good Vibes Only' could be my motto.  It's just about being the best person I can be and sending out a little bit of positivity into the world.

 What are your hopes for the future of The Native State?
I feel 2017 will play a significant part in the future of The Native State and I’m excited at the possibilities. The Native State has grown year on year and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I hope to continue with that success while being the best and present mother I can be for my daughter. 

    "More Issues Than Vogue" print available - HERE 

    "Just Wing It" print available - HERE

 What celebrity would you most like to go on a date night with and why?
I'd love to go on a galentines date with Amy Poehler! She's awesome!

 Why did you call your business "The Native State"?
I liked the name and for me it means a state of mind rather than a geological location.  It's all about being true to yourself.

    "Brave, Loving, Unique" print available - HERE

    "BeYou" print available - HERE

So there you have it! Isn't she lovely? Oh god & her wee girl is just the cutest little dot ever! I really hope that you enjoyed getting to know the fabulous mama behind The Native State. 

I truly believe that it is so important to "support small". Not only are you getting something unique, you're supporting families & the dreams that they have put their heart & soul into. Frankie is a star & a beautiful soul. I am so thankful that she chose me all those months ago & I hope I do her proud.

Go & check her out!

Instagram -  @thenativestate
Website - The Native State

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