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In My Skin

Lets start at the very beginning because I've heard it's a very good place to start...
I would firstly like to say that I am not a skincare expert but I bloody feel like one after all the skincare products I have used in the past! I have used high end & I'm talking expensive stuff! Then I have also tried out drugstore, dead cheap stuff. I will say that I don't think it matters how much a product costs- if it works for you then go for it. whether it's a £3 eye cream or a £60 face cream, everyone is different & you just need to find out what's best for you.

Right I will tell you about my problem areas- hmm where to start, I have loads but for now I'll just tell you about the ones on my face...Oily T-Zone (Classic) but I must say since using my new products it's become less oily! I also had those wee bumps all over my cheeks, you know those things that aren't spots or blackheads but weird little lumps that just won't bugger off! Then the odd pimple here & there, which may not sound too bad but I'm talking about a massive red mound that you can't pop, squeeze or do anything with apart from wish it would just shrivel up & get as far away from your face as humanly possible. It's quite ironic that I currently have two spots & I am writing a blog post all about my awesome routine...hmmm

Anyway I have got a history of makeup & skincare as I used to work on the prestigious make up counter, Estee Lauder, I have always been actively interested in all things beauty & I think that I always will be. So I reckon you can put your trust in me to advise you...promise...

So, I use skincare from the fabulous Body Shop. The products that I use are from a range called "Drops Of Youth". It's designed for...ahem slightly older skin, not like your grandma old but I am nearly 30. Need to invest in the good stuff.
You hear the word "youth" & think "fuck yeah, I need to get me some of that" & I would have to agree, you do!

There are 7 products in the "Drops Of Youth" range & I use 3 of them (my moisturiser & face wash is slightly different but I'll go into that later.) You can view the full range HERE
The 3 products I use are-

1. The Drops Of Youth Concentrate Serum
2. The Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate
3. The Drops Of Youth Essence Lotion

(You can find out a full description of these 3 products & all the other products mentioned on The Body Shop website via the links.)

When it comes to moisturiser I found that the DOY (Drops Of Youth- can't be arsed to keep typing it out) was a little too rich. I have combination skin which also gets dehydrated & it just didn't work for me, so I decided to try the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser, which is just faulous! It's like a gel, which I much prefer, it has a much lighter texture & it makes my skin feel so refreshed, soft & smooth, you can find it HERE

The face wash I now use isn't what I was originally planning on getting, I used to use the Vitamin E face wash & really liked it but when I went to order it on two occasions they had sold out so I thought fuck this, (I'm very impatient) I did some research & stumbled across "Drops Of Light Brightening Cleansing Foam" so ordered that as it had good reviews. When I first used it I wasn't expecting much at all, however it's a lovely creamy consistency & lathers up beautifully as you massage it into your face. In fact it's a brilliant dupe for Estee Lauder's "Perfectly Clean" face wash. (Plus it's cheaper! Winning) It gives a real squeaky clean feeling & you can find it HERE

I do also use a face mask at least twice a week, I think this is an important element & gives your skin the boost it needs however it's not from The Body Shop, It's L'oreal & its from their not so new range "Pure Clay" I use the Red one which Is for glowing skin & as much as I am not keen on the fragrance as it's quite strong & synthetic- the results are brilliant! My skins always feels really soft after I've used it & the next morning it genuinely looks like its got a glow to it. You can discover the whole range HERE

Now I have explained a bit about the products that I use I will show you how I use them & in what order. I do this routine every day & night. I have always looked after my skin so I have no idea why it hated me so much! Whatever you do take your makeup off every night! I don't care how tired/ drunk or lazy you're feeling DO IT your skin will thank you for it in the morning!

Ok My biggest insecurity is people seeing me without make up so the below pictures took me a lot of bloody courage to share alright!

So firstly I use the "Drops Of Light Brightening Cleansing Foam"
I literally use a pea size amount, rub into my face & it creates a lovely foamy lather. If I'm using it in the morning I just rinse off with water but if I'm using it at night I take a flannel to clean it off, then I splash my face & dab dry. Never rub your face with a towel, be gentle.

Secondly I take the "DOY" Essence lotion & I put a few drops onto a piece of cotton wool & wipe over my face ( I didn't have any cotton wool at the time of taking these photos so you'll have to imagine how I do it.)

I then Take the "DOY Concentrate Serum" & I use ONE drop from the pippet. It goes a long way & a bottle will last you forever! It comes in two different sizes- 30ml & 50ml

You need to let this soak into your skin so I don't go straight in with moisturiser I go in with the "DOY Eye Concentrate" first. This has a pump & a wee roller that the product is dispensed onto- again you don't need a lot of this at all, Then roll it under your eyes & up onto the brow bone.

Finally I take my "Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser- I simply put 4 blobs on my face- both cheeks, forehead & chin then massage in & take down onto my neck. Yes you should moisturise your neck, you don't want to look like a turkey do you? (wrinkly is what I'm going or here)

So that's my daily skincare routine, it may seem like a lot but it's not- it's quick, easy & believe it or not- affordable. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin after using all of these products, I have repurchased all of them again & will continue to do so. Everything from The Body Shop smells amazing & natural which I just LOVE, I hate anything that smells overpowering or obviously manufactured. 

Then the absolute last thing I will mention is my face mask which is something I do twice a week- (Then I'll stop rambling & you can get on with your own thing!)

This may seem unconventional BUT I like to apply it with a brush, I find, just like with my foundation I get a better application & it's a lot less mess, Just dip it in & off you go!

That last photo makes me die a little bit inside.

Anyway, I leave it on for around ten minutes, then remove it with my trusty flannel- that flannel really takes a beating! I treat it to a wash every now & then, so don't worry.

Genuinely after using this mask my face feels smooth, soft & does have a wee glow to it, very pleased with it, but I do like to buy it when it's on offer! Which I think it currently is!

So there you have it my whole skincare routine! Don't expect results overnight you will need to be patient (something that I will never understand) but it's true. I hope you have enjoyed it & I hope I haven't bored you too much! If you have any questions about any of the products or skin in general then fee free to get in contact- I'd love to hear from you!

Love Gem 



  1. Flawlessly amazing... thanks for sharing all your goodies. 😘

  2. You're welcome my love! I hope it was insightful & I gave good advice ❤


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